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“CXO Analysis is an incredible service to bring information and intelligence across all major industries who are dependent on technology, innovation, and expertise to thrive in a digital and global society.”

Michael L. Mathews,
Chief Information Officer,
Oral Roberts University.

“We appreciated sharing our viewpoints with CXO Analysis and other industry leaders who read the publication. We look forward to publishing with them again. ”

Bob Karschnia
Vice President and General Manager of Wireless
Emerson Automation Solutions

“What a pleasure working with CXO Analysis.  From first contact to publication, the process was smooth, painless, and rewarding, and my article is getting great exposure.  And what a great platform!  I don’t know of another resource with the broad reach of CXOUSA.”

John Hornick
Author of the award-winning book: 3D Printing Will Rock the World

“It’s not often that you get to work with an organization that made the process of going from concept to final publication effortless.  Throughout the process, CXO Analysis made things easy while continuing to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Barry Barlow,
Chief Technology Officer,
Vencore, Inc.

“CXO Analysis effectively compiles expertise around every facet of technology from leaders throughout the industry and across the nation. It’s a credible resource for the IT community that provides relevant and thought-provoking content.”

Laura Marble,
Vice President of MI Delivery Systems and Support,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“I very much enjoyed working with CXO Analysis  The process was fast, effective, and valuable, and I look forward to continuing to work with their top-notch team.”

Bill Miller
Chief Information Officer

“CXO Analysis is a great way to know thought leaders perspective around technologies and business verticals. The team is very professional and great to work with. CXOUSA is a great platform not only informative but it also allows to promote your business and giving credibility to what you say.”

Jim Iyoob
Executive VP Customer Experience & Operational Excellence,
Etech Global Services

“Working with CXO Analysis on publishing our article was highly professional – from intial contact to the finished result, they provided wealth of knowledge and experience. We look forward to publishing with them again.”

David Freidenberg,
Chief Executive Officer,

CXO Analysis provides insights into successful practices in a digital world. It has been a very positive experience working with CXOUSA. We will definitively publish more articles through this channel.

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer
Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D

“Working with CXO Analysis was unique and rewarding.  Their editors were precise in targeting GreenRoad for thought leadership around our specific market of smart mobility and IOT.  And when pressed for specific topics they helped identify what the readers wanted and promoted our content directly to them on the right channels.”

David Rodriguez,
Chief Marketing Officer,

CXO Analysis is the source for staying on top of the advancements in technology. Within the trucking industry, technology is driving everything from recruiting and retention to environmental compliance and connecting to the driver as well as the truck.  Knowing what is available gives the reader a competitive edge when it comes to adopting technology to make your business leaner and more profitable.

Ellen Voie,
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Women In Trucking Association.

“Every business needs to keep up with the rapidly evolving potential for technology to change their organization, markets, products and customers’ expectations. Doing this efficiently is hard. Here’s no better place than CXO Analysis to stay current with the ideas and trends that matter and to get ahead of the game”.

John Parkinson,
Affiliate Partner,
Waterstone Management Group.

“CXO Analysis provides a number of expert, industry-specific articles that I can always access.  The amount of fresh and engaging content enables me to keep a constant eye on the types of technology, services and continued innovation impacting the market today.”

Christian Barbato,
Marketing and Communications,
PRO Unlimited.

“At Concirrus we have experience and expertise that are entirely new to the insurance market, and it’s great to be able to share these on such an open, widely read platform.”

Martin Smith,
Head of Marketing,