How to perform effectively in an Interview – Part 2 ?


After wishing the Interview Committee members and sitting, hold your back straight but, in no case rigid. Once you sit straight, your shoulders will fall in place. Then put on a smile and listen carefully and attentively to what is told to you. Please DO NOT IGNORE ATTENTIVE LISTENING. This is very, very important. A careful and respectful listening has, among other thing, the magical effect of silent flattery. Besides, it helps the listener to answer appropriately and correctly. Inattentive listening is the cause of most of the failed interviewees. Here is and impressive example:-

Question: In today’s world, terrorism is a global scourge and all conceivable methods are thought of and employed to combat the menace. Some eminent thinkers opine that terrorism is embedded in human psyche itself. Do you think there could be some truth in this concept?

The candidate had crammed one full page paragraph of about 200 words on terrorism. The moment he heard the word “terrorism” he began to mentally rehearse the entire paragraph and did not listen anything said in the second and third sentence of the question. Even before the last word of the question had been said, he began to reel out the entire paragraph he had learnt by rote and gave out an expression of hilarity. The paragraph did not contain anything even remotely connected with the question. No wonder the interviewee did not not only score but left the interviewer disgusted.

This is the catastrophe resulting from improper listening. Therefore, let us understand and feel the significance of careful listening. While this helps a lot at the interview, it is of enormous advantage in every sphere of life. But at the interview particularly, attentive listener endears himself/herself so that a beginning gets created for the candidate’s suitability for the job. And let the aphorism be repeated that a GOOD LISTENER IS A GOOD SPEAKER.

If by chance, a candidate does not listen to some word, phrase or idiom, he should not make his own guess of what has been said. He should with humility and reverence, say “I beg your pardon, please”. A wrong answer is the first cousin of an irrelevant answer.

Next, DO NOT make an interview a forum for expressing your prejudices. Take a balanced view of things. This will convey the impression that you are a person of balanced opinion and not of extreme views. In absolute terms, no view point is completely true and unassailable. Thus is the question is “WHETER TECHNOLOGY IS TURNING OUT TO BE A CURSE?” dwell both on its ill effects as well as its usefulness. Similarly, has India’s planning failed to achieve its objective? Should be met with both yes and no, detailing what has been achieved and what remains to be done. Withhold biased views.


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