Opportunities for CSP’s in 2017


Many businesses’ digital transformation initiatives revolve around IOT and the adoption of IOT in Cloud and Data security services which provides a tremendous opportunity to the CSP’s across the globe. However, a many of them seems to be stuck with the focus on connectivity and acquisitions of MVNO’s for growth. The growing adoption of IoT and the data traffic that it generates is humongous. This requires a robust and resilient network. Today many of the CSP’s are focusing on creating an alternate revenue stream, while they also need to spend enough time to enhance their mobile networks to be able to capture the IOT data.

A bitter reality is that many of the CSP’s may need to embark on a digital transformation journey to improve their internal processes which may enable them to take quicker and efficient decisions in

IaaS and MSS seem to be a good play for CSP’s in the coming year. While several cloud service providers dominate IaaS market, CSP’s may need to challenge them.

The strategic marketing and the leadership may need to play a crucial role in communicating and delivering business value from the latest technologies to the enterprises. Due to internal complexities and lack of leadership many CSP’s may have to take the hit on its ambitious growth plan over the coming days.

For those communication service providers who has been contemplating but have not been able to create an end to end IoT solution a smart acquisition could trigger growth prospects. As per research sources, more than 90% of the CSP’s across the world would be generating revenue from IoT in the coming year.

Key takeaway’s are:

  • Focus on Data traffic from IOT
  • Deploy an end to end IOT Solution
  • A smart acquisition of IOT solution for players who still has not got an end to end IOT solution
  • Collaborate with IOT players to optimize signaling and the data transfer
  • Venture into IaaS and MMS – this is promising growth for the CSP’s.

Over the last few years, the industry has witnessed CSP’s investing in Software Defined Networks and network function virtualization. They are now utilizing this technology for self-provisioning of the spectrum. In the IOT space, there are enhancing applications and also getting into the analytics space as well to understand customer preferences. They aim to improve their marketing and promotional campaigns.


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