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“Use brains instead of a fortune”, probably this is the simplest way to explain what bootstrap marketing is. The academy still misses out on giving its importance to Bootstrap Marketing. How is your small business going to survive? Is completely depended on sales and it requires good marketing to get you to those numbers that you intend to achieve?

If you’re on a budget, that can be tough. It’s possible to spend a small fortune on marketing. The alternative is to bootstrap it. This means marketing your new business on a very small budget. It’s about using creativity rather than cash to shout about what you’re doing.

Some startups fail because of their high Marketing spends. Otherwise called Big Bang Marketing could be disastrous for a startup.

The easiest way to do a Bootstrap Marketing is to start a blog. You can use one of the free services out there (just make sure to register your own domain name). This way you get commenting (market feedback) and RSS subscriptions automatically. Then, post like crazy and do everything possible to get feedback.

This is exactly what we are doing and we could help you do this too.

ServoSell is a Marketing Consulting Organisation, helping small and large businesses grow. ServoSell enables you to forget your “Marketing-Operational” issues and helps you focus on your core competencies, Strategies and Sales. Through our vast experience, we understand the challenges faced by small and large organizations to take their products or services to the Market. We sit with you to understand and share your vision and work towards the “Common – Goal” of taking your business to greater heights. Most of the times, creating the Go-to-Market Strategies and a strong brand Re-Call is being neglected by Small Businesses either due to lack of resources or investment. We help you fulfill your dream at a very competitive price. The ideation of ServoSell was started in February 2008.


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