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Using a System Integrator

Larger or more complex implementations often require a system integrator (SI); the SI brings skills and training in vendor-specific technologies that can help move your project quickly and efficiently towards its goal. However, utilizing a team completely developed by an SI may not be in your best interest. SI’s don’t often have all the talent required for projects and often supplement their teams with consultants.  Consultants are frequently needed to complete teams and add specific skill sets. While hiring consultants to help out with an IT project is often the right course of action, you do not need to go through your SI to obtain the expertise you require, and it may not be in your best interests to do so. Consultants from an independent third party consulting firm offer a range of advantages and can lead to a better outcome for your company.

Independent Expertise, On Your Side

Independent consultants act as internal champions for your company, and their #1 priority is the success of your project.  The trend of Companies using an independent advocate when it comes to technology issues was highlighted in an article in Entrepreneur, which indicated that consultants can leverage their expertise to support your company and project goals.  This is especially important for managers who may not be specialists with the desired solution or who may not be able to investigate all the possible outcomes. Independent resources can act as guides and counsel for your IT projects, all while getting the required work completed. Most importantly, they offer an objective eye to the project and make recommendations based on what your company actually needs.  When all is said and done, having your own resources with clear loyalties gives you piece of mind.

Budget Management and Scope

A great majority of IT projects go over time and over budget. One study from BCS noted that the average EU project ran about 26 weeks with a budget in the millions. IT project planning normally allows for a 10% overrun.  Even going a fraction over time or budget can translate into significant losses for a company. How much over budget is determined by a number of factors, including the hourly rates for the workforce? Hiring consultants directly from an independent third party can save companies 20-30% per hour while gaining direct control over your resources. When you hire resources through a company like Resolute Technologies, TEK Systems, or itelligence you obtain the exact same highly-skilled technology workers found at premier providers like SAP, PwC, and Capgemini. Many high-level consultants even have the blue chip consulting firms in their background. You will, however, be paying a far more competitive rate, which offers your project more of a financial buffer and runway.

Tailored Engagements

Your company and project are unique. To ensure success, you want experts on your team who understand your needs. Unfortunately, some SIs attempt to make projects and businesses work around the SI’s agendas. Independent consultants are interested in providing you flexible realistic options that fit your goals. A few experts can be brought on to your project to bolster its success, or an entire team can move your project from daydream to daylight. Consultants can also be used to help bring an objective eye to far-reaching decisions. Their depth of experience, seeing best practices at multiple companies can help offer a roadmap and ensure your project does not run into potholes. Whatever your need, utilizing consultants gives you control, insider knowledge, and direction of your project.

Quality Matters

Trained, experienced experts make a tremendous difference in the success of any project. Consultants are experts with years of experience in their respective fields, with resumes that support their independence, and they have been integral parts of countless IT projects. Control and real-time feedback regarding the health and direction of your project can make the difference between success and utter failure. Companies that partner with independent third party consulting firms have found that consultants provided the know-how, skills, and independence to effectively achieve their corporate goals. Whether you have a large-scale IT implementation or would like to augment your SI’s team with a few experts who are solidly in your corner, consider using an independent third party consulting firm.

About Resolute Technologies

Resolute Technologies is a Chicago-based IT consulting and recruiting firm that helps businesses increase bottom-line results through the successful deployment of software-driven technologies, strategies, and teams. Since 1998, we have built a respected reputation as trusted advisors delivering and supporting SAP initiatives, application development, and business intelligence solutions.  We closely collaborate with our clients to align technology in support of overall business objectives.

Scott Corwin,
Managing Partner,
Resolute Technologies.


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