A Culinary Odyssey to Kerala’s Spice-Infused Symphony


Dear Readers,

If there’s one thing that unites people across the globe, it’s the universal love for food. Recognizing this shared passion, we have decided to introduce a column dedicated to exploring cuisines from around the world.

Our aim is to create a melting pot of flavors within our magazine, offering readers a delightful journey through the diverse world of culinary traditions. In this inaugural feature, we take you on a gastronomic adventure to the southwestern coast of India, where the essence of the sea, the warmth of the sand, and the captivating aroma of spice bazaars converge in the heart of Kerala.

In the heart of India’s southwestern coast lies a culinary haven that dances with the essence of the sea, the warmth of the sand, and the allure of an aromatic spice bazaar – Kerala.

Kerala cuisine is a symphony of punchy flavors that embody its coastal roots. Fresh produce, an abundance of seafood, and a melody of spices set the stage for a gastronomic experience like no other. The magic of this cuisine lies in the generous use of coconut oil (now globally celebrated for its health benefits), and an unapologetic commitment to bold spices.

In recent times, the world has awakened to the wonders of this cuisine, thanks to passionate entrepreneurs who have taken this flavorful tradition global without diluting its essence. One such maestro is Chef Pillai, whose culinary prowess has won Kerala cuisine global recognition.

When we discuss Kerala cuisine, the legendary ‘Sadya’ deserves a special mention – a feast that brings together an array of flavors on a single banana leaf. It’s a sensory explosion made of vegetables, coconut, seafood, and poultry—each dish a celebration of Kerala’s rich culinary heritage.

It isn’t for the faint-hearted. Each mouthful is an adventure, filled with spice, heat, and a symphony of flavors that’ll leave you craving more. But for those with a more sensitive palate, there are options.

I once cooked up a Sadya for my friends from the UK, and against all my wildest expectations, their favorite was the Kerala stew made with potatoes, onions, and coconut milk. It’s a testament to the versatility of Kerala cuisine, a journey that caters to everyone’s taste.

And how can we possibly forget the crispy goodness of banana chips and the sweet embrace of ‘Payasam.’ These are the bookends of a Kerala culinary experience—a journey that starts with a crunch and ends on a sweet note.

As an ode to this exquisite cuisine, we’ll be featuring iconic dishes from entrepreneurs and expert cooks who’ve made it their mission to share Kerala’s food with the world. So, stay tuned to this space to be transported to the sun-soaked shores of Kerala through the magic of its cuisine.

Bon Appétit!