The Secret


At a time when life had taken one of its toughest turns, “The Secret” by Byrne mystically appeared on my office table. While the going was tough (heavily understated), I just abandoned all my professional chores and retreated to the loneliest conference room in one of the busiest offices in the silicon city of Bangalore. There, I began grappling with the few pages from this book, trying to gulp down the ideas it put forth.

The idea of your thoughts transforming into your feelings, and those feelings turning out to be the next reality astonished me initially, as it does to many other readers. I started spending a few hours every day in that lonely conference room; hiding from some of the rudest colleagues and an arrogant boss.

Weeks passed by; first one, then two and three and four. The idea of reading it till you have understood the essence of what was meant by the writer herself; it didn’t leave me. When finding hideouts in the office became increasingly challenging, I started spending time in solitude after office hours, desperately searching for the depths of this book.

Many times, the time thief who stole time for some good reads was eventually caught. This was during the time when I was asked to shoulder the responsibility of one of the largest technology shows in Espanyol. The pages of my life story were finally torn down by the rudest boss in front a few hundred staff who had just stepped out of the office auditorium where some big fish gave a big lecture, peddling a 3X in 3Y (3X in 3 Years) dream to one real big fish and several smaller ones. Here I was, one of the tiniest tadpoles, who was caught in an act. Some of these small fish later turned out to become an ugly big fish in the same well, some chose to remain small, and some jumped from this well to another.  

However, I decided to dig my own well. That’s the secret behind “The Secret” ….

February; the fag end of winter in Espanyol.

The wheels on the bus go round and round; round and round all through the town. A hybrid group of 75 big & small fishes swam through the traffic in a large bus for a grand show filled with fake showcases, of course.

As for me, there were no more lonely conference rooms. I was indeed the “Sarathi” juggling between these 75 fishes to get some of these acts right. In between, there was no time for reading or solitude. Indeed, the evenings were filled with fine wines and Spanish delicacies.

I had nowhere to turn and life wasn’t getting any better. However, The “idea” of your thoughts turning into your feelings and those feelings turning to be the next reality; it stuck like a chameleon. The Espanyol days were short; they flew. However, the misery continued…

Then finally one day, I started Thanking the universe for granting me a better job.

Day1: Thank you, Universe, for conspiring in my favour and offering me a better job.

Day2: Thank you, Universe, for conspiring in my favour and offering me a better job.



Day91: I landed a Job.

Though for the moment it was just a jump from one well to another, it was a big relief. This is when I really understood the essence of Byrne’s words. Since then, I have been practicing Law of Attraction and trust me it works. I have dug my own well too.

Unable to find a better way to write a book review on The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I simply say, “ Go Gulp the idea.”

For Rhonda,

Yours sincerely,

Ajeesh Venugopalan