Data Driven Healthcare with an Integrated Payer Platform


The impact of data-driven healthcare upon the patient care decision process via accurate, real-time, reliable data from different sources is at the heart of the digital revolution in the healthcare sector. Physician groups, nursing facilities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical equipment, clinical researchers, and manufacturers churn out massive amounts daily. This integrated payer platform has tremendous value and can improve faster care possibilities and real-time decisions and help deliver new, unimagined innovations with better patient care quality. Data-driven healthcare is beginning to have a big impact with Payers. The primary drivers include controlling the increasing medical costs and building cost optimization and efficiencies into the integrated payer platform model based on data and business insights.

Payor Platform Data Sources

The growing payer platform data sources include:

  • Provider Info
  • Patient Info
  • Billing
  • Health plans
  • Claims
  • Clinical
  • Eligibility
HumaneBITS ConCred Integrated Payor Platform
HumaneBITS ConCred Integrated Payor Platform

Data Interoperability—A Roadmap for Effective Payor-Provider Collaboration

An ideal integrated payer data system considers best practices. It enable easier decisions that reduce cost by collaborating with providers to access and share credentials and capabilities. Our Flagship Product ConCred is designed to create a seamless data interoperability between payers and providers. It eliminates disparate data sources. ConCred provides compliance standings and assimilates data that provides actionable and meaningful insights.

The primary benefits of having an integrated payer data system is to:

  • Detect medical fraud
  • Reduce Re-admission
  • Customer experience
  • Provide faster care
  • Full control over the capacities and capabilities

The healthcare payer systems landscape is complicated and fragmented across the industry with multiple data sources. The difficulty and cost of integrating, managing, and storing data is a constant issue for everyone within the healthcare ecosystem. The payer ecosystem has multiple disparate systems exist. They have a variety of data formats that make integrating, exchanging, and harnessing data a challenge.

ConCred, offers an integrated payer platform for data to enable the payers to make their claims process faster, seamless, and thereby enhancing the customer experience. “ConCred,” an integrated connected payer enrollment and credentialing system. It comes with a Configurable Data Dashboard.

Payer Dashboard

Our integrated payer platform system’s analytics modules allow the payer to aggregated data and to be able to visualize data intelligently. ConCred helps the payers improve efficiency with organizational processes through easy-to-follow reports and performance metrics.

ConCred Integrated Payor Platform Dashboard
ConCred Integrated Payor Platform Dashboard

Unlike a Traditional reporting system, which typically displays data in a columnar or tabular format, ConCred can represent data graphically and through multiple interactive reports. So, the user can create different views and discover meaningful patterns in critical provider data. Organizations can lessen patient wait-times by using healthcare payer data analytics to monitor and leverage scheduling and staffing procedures with minimal errors and enhance employee satisfaction.

The Integrated Payer Platform dashboard can be configured based on multiple views. For i tiled based, Widget based, graph based, and it comes with drill up and drill down functionalities. Data can be filtered out based on various segments like profile, role, or department wise.

ConCred cuts across various target segments and can be highly customized basis the needs of different client types, whether a therapy Center, a hospital, an insurance company, a solution provider, or a larger Systems Integrator. ConCred is ready to deploy software with minor customization, depending on the client type.

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