Friday Impact on Marketing Campaigns


Thank God it’s Friday: Life has become far faster than what it was earlier and people just want to escape from the reality. They wait until Friday to catch up with themselves.

A plan could be defined as a series of steps to be carried to accomplish the goal. Like for any other marketing activities Email campaign also requires proper planning.

  • Defining the target audience.
  • Penning down the right message.
  • Fixing the right subject line.
  • Finalizing the date and time for the launch.All includes in the process of email marketing. The provocation behind this blog has been some of the clients who wanted to launch a campaign on a Friday evening.

    A logical analysis of going live on an email campaign on a Friday evening directly impacts the open rate and the click through rate. Last several years of experience and a research has proved it. Some of the key factors which results in a poor result are: A weekend mood swing of the general audience who will turn away from their Laptops to catch up with their personal life.

    So if you are looking at launching your campaign on a Friday, think twice because you are shelling out a lot of cash, effort and time on it.

    This is again subject to the industry and the target audience you are focusing on. Please keep visiting regularly for more.


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